Kumu Hula Healani’s Pono Pledge

“Pono to me means to live with intention, walk to the edge of the earth, listen quietly, practice wellness, laugh, smile, cry hard, love hard, hug one another, choose a life with with no regrets, continue to learn, appreciate the beauty of our Islands, our homelands, the mountains, deep blue ocean, people of all races, friends & family, do what you love. Always live with aloha, speak aloha, share A.L.O.H.A.

Akahai: to be meek, gentle; kindness to be expressed with tenderness.
Lokahi: with unity; togetherness to be expressed with harmony.
ʻOluʻolu: pleasantness; to be happy always.
Haʻahaʻa: humility; to be very humble and expressed with modesty.
Ahonui: to have patience and expressed with perseverance.

E Ola!”

-Healani Kimitete-Ah Mow, Pono Pledge ambassador and Mauna Kea Resort